I work for a number of clients primarily within IT, tech, industry and healthcare.

”I’ve had the great pleasure of working together with Synne for several years. A venture that has resulted in documented commercial effects for our company. Among other things, Synne has given us professional counselling within strategic communications, assisted us in crises communications, and she has managed to transform a highly technological content to relevant and understandable text.
Synne is a highly skilled and experienced advisor who professionally and quickly create an overview and who manages to create measurable results. I can highly recommend Synne and will always choose her as a strategic communications consultant.”

Tanja Luplau, marketing manager, STRÅLFORS

”VWe have chosen to outsource our PR and communication to NiesKommunikation, because we know that the good network for the media and the external view of things are two extremely important things when you want to work effectively with PR. We have collaborated with Synne Nies Eriksen for several years and have experienced that C2IT’s visibility in the media has grown significantly. We are very happy with the collaboration and like the proactivity and persistence that characterize Synne’s way of working.
We have achieved very good results in the form of increased knowledge of C2IT and what we do. Thanks to a focused effort with our messages around employer branding as well as the environment and climate, we have also experienced that our PR activities have yielded concrete results in the form of new employees who have approached to join C2IT’s journey, and new startups -projects that have emerged to become part of our Greenhouse investment portfolio.

Synne fills a gap in our organization. We are of the opinion that life is not for short relationships. You are a much better sparring partner when you know each other well. It is very much about the person, and I can highly recommend Synne to other companies that would like to use PR as an active part of their marketing.

My very best recommendation from here :-)”

Carsten Sixhøi, CEO, C2IT Group